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Porteau Cove (December ’09)


Shrimp and Starfish

Shortly after checking out Whytecliff, we went to Porteau cove for the first time. The difference in  dive sites after only 20 minutes drive on the highway was amazing. We blundered around on the surface a bit trying to surface swim against a surface current before we wised up and dropped down to the shallow bottom to swim out to the dive site. A shoddy compass led us astray some more, but we eventually found the pipe reef and spent the rest of the dive poking around there. Tonnes of shrimp were out that day, and they weren’t very skittish, making it easy to take plenty of macro photos.  More photos below…

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First trip to Whytecliff (December ’09)


With Anemones like this, who needs friends.

After moving to Vancouver and unpacking the essentials (dive gear), our first dive trip was to Whyetcliff. We swam out along Whyte Islet during high slack tide. There was definitely a lot to see considering the lake diving that up to that point had made up most of our diving experience.

Still relatively new to underwater photography, I surprised myself by getting a few good shots of the marine life. All in all a good dive, and a nice way to settle into our new home on the Emerald Sea.

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