Bow of the Granthul

Bow of the Granthul

We did a weekday dive to Porteau Cove in late October. The vis had cleared up quite a bit from what it was in the summer, apart from large chunks of algae (?) still in the water.

It was my first dive with the strobe in a while which was nice (it took a while to get a replacement o-ring). Part way through the dive, the sun came out, and illuminated everything very nicely. I managed to take some photos at 30 – 40 feet without the strobe, and they turned out great. Near the end of the dive, I came across a capped bottle of Perrier water, which actually was still mostly full! I don’t think I’ll try drinking it, though.

Lots of giant Lingcod this time, so they may figure prominently in my photos.

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