I went for a couple of dives at Porteau Cove on a nice hot sunny day. Although getting dressed into a black drysuit in the hot sun, with plenty of thick insulation underneath, was uncomfortable (to say the least), I soon waded into the water with my dive buddies and got to cool off.

Unfortunately my first dive was bad for photography: I’d been messing with my camera’s settings for underwater photos. To make maters worse, my right glove was leaking fast (Special thanks to my ferret Randy, who thought that all he had to do to steal my dry gloves a couple weeks prior was to bite down on them really hard), and I generally felt uncomfortable in the water.

On the second dive, however, everything clicked into place. I was very comfortable in the water, my hands had heated up the water in my now soaked “dry”-glove, and I managed to get some great photos! I was very surprised with the results — Who knew that reading up about f-stops the night before, and experimenting with them until you got the correct one would dramatically improve my underwater photography.


A bunch of sea-life. How many creatures can you count?

To make things even better, we even found a giant octopus on the second dive, who was gracious enough to let me photograph him/her. (Unlike the cantankerous longfin gunnels I’d been trying to photograph, but would always dart away as I lined up for a good angle on their faces’)

Although I didn’t get a lot of photos good, I’m rather pleased with how the good ones turned out.

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