The following are some tutorials I’ve found useful in learning the unique skills of underwater photography. Many of the tutorials are geared towards compact cameras as opposed to DSLR, some are more generic and cover both DSLR and compact cameras. I’ll add links to this list as I find new resources.


  1. Guide to Underwater Photography – Perhaps one of the best resources I’ve found. This site covers topics ranging from getting started to advanced techniques, compact cameras to DSLRs, and more. There is also a good discussion on strobes and strobe positioning. A very highly recommended read.
  2. Canon G11/G12 and S90/S95 Underwater Photography – A useful link for Canon Camera compact cameras.  Although it is geared towards the Powershot G11, the G10, G12, S90, S95, etc are very similar cameras and the discussion is applicable to those cameras as well.

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