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There hasn’t been much activity on this blog as of late, as I unfortunately didn’t get out diving over the winter. (Although I did get in some free-diving in on the Sunshine coast!). I have, however, gotten back into the swing of things recently. I haven’t been taking my camera out diving, as I’ve been doing some shakeout dives and working with Josh to help him get ready for finishing Fundies. So dive photos will have to wait. I have, however, been wanting to make some posts about dive equipment. To kick things off, here is some information on my GreenForce HID upgrade.

(Quick note, since this is a “work in progress”, I’m updating and editing this post as I work on the upgrade. There’s a high-level change-log at the bottom of the post)

GreenForce HID50 Head

GreenForce HID50 Head (With Benchmade 7-Hook and Light Monkey Goodman handle)

The Whys of DIY

Anyone who knows me knows that I’m a tinkerer and love DIY projects. Anyone who’s dove with me knows that I have a love/hate relationship with my Greenforce 10w HID light (old HID50). Naturally, the two have collided, and I’m working on replacing the old HID bulb and ballast with an LED with the objective of increasing reliability, light intensity, and hopefully making the dive light better for underwater signalling. Here is how I’m doing this, on a budget.

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A Quick Halifax Visit

I was out in Nova Scotia this past week for some business, and had a few hours to spend in Halifax before catching my flight home. Naturally, I stopped at the Maritime Museum of the Atlantic and the Halifax Army Museum in the Halifax Citadel. Here are a few of the interesting photos I took, somewhat related to the theme of this blog. They were all taken with my cell-phone camera.

Underwater Archaeology

Underwater Archaeology exhibit at the Maritime Museum

US Navy Mk V Helmet

US Navy Mk V Diving Helmet — The only way to dive!

Service Rifle

A WW II service rifle, recovered from Juno Beach. (Lee Enfield No. 4?). On display at the Halifax Army Museum


I apologize for another non-dive-photo post. I might try and snap some underwater photos this weekend.