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Broken Camera Enclosure….

Just a quick note, the enclosure for my camera broke. To make matters worse, I’ve had a few good dives since then where I really wished I’d had my camera!

Anyways, I won’t be posting any photos for the next little bit until I can fix or replace my case…


CCGH Siyay


This is what we found when we surfaced...

The Coast Guard Hovercraft Siyay came to visit Whytecliff while we were diving. They said it was for a sort of public outreach, but I secretly believe they just came for some burgers at Andrea’s going away barbeque. We heard it coming in when we were underwater, but just dismissed it as a really loud boat. Upon surfacing, we noticed it parked there!

Touring around inside the hovercraft was really cool. It’s a somewhat dedicated dive vessel, with the first room containing drysuits ready to go, the second room had dive gear set up for demonstration, and the room after that containing tanks of breathing gas for surface supplied diving.

In case you recognize the name, the Siyay was the vessel which transported the porpoise Siyay to the Vancouver Aquarium’s Marine Mammal Rescue center to try to save it’s life. The porpoise was named after this hovercraft.

More photos of the hovercraft below!

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Lenny the Lobster

Lenny the "Lobster"

I haven’t been diving in a while. It sucks. Holidays got in the way, and then I decided to get my neck-seal repaired. That’s done, and I just have to get it picked up and my tanks filled. Hopefully I’ll get some diving in soon!

In the meanwhile, we’ve started up a small aquarium (Stefania’s Christmas present) with a few fish, and in the past couple of days.. A Blue “Lobster” (Actually it’s a Crayfish, as it’s a freshwater creature, but lobster sounds much cooler). It’s interesting seeing him (her?) scurrying around the tank, digging between rocks for any food it can scavenge. It’s tank-mates are three Amber Tetras which have so far been quick and smart enough to avoid the lobster’s claws, hopefully their peaceful relationship lasts.

Welcome to!

I’ve stared putting up dive photos and information on my robotics blog,, but somehow it just didn’t see to fit in with quadrupeds and sumo robots. As such, I’ve decided to start up this diving specific blog, where I’ll share photos from my dive experiences, mainly for terrestrial-bound friends and family, to show the wonders of the Emerald Sea, and other dive trips I go on!

I’ll slowly start uploading old photos, and will update whenever I go diving, so stay tuned and subscribe to my RSS Feed!