Lenny the Lobster

Lenny the "Lobster"

I haven’t been diving in a while. It sucks. Holidays got in the way, and then I decided to get my neck-seal repaired. That’s done, and I just have to get it picked up and my tanks filled. Hopefully I’ll get some diving in soon!

In the meanwhile, we’ve started up a small aquarium (Stefania’s Christmas present) with a few fish, and in the past couple of days.. A Blue “Lobster” (Actually it’s a Crayfish, as it’s a freshwater creature, but lobster sounds much cooler). It’s interesting seeing him (her?) scurrying around the tank, digging between rocks for any food it can scavenge. It’s tank-mates are three Amber Tetras which have so far been quick and smart enough to avoid the lobster’s claws, hopefully their peaceful relationship lasts.